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Flagship Homes America – A Home Builder On The Level!

If ever there was a home builder who understands the balancing act home buyers face, it is Flagship Homes America. For there is always a balance; between want and need, size and comfort, cost and value.  Flagship Homes is a different kind of home builder because they embrace that balance.  On one side, there is the home buying experience itself. The quality of that experience will directly affect a home buyer’s feelings about his builder and his home. Then of course, there is the home itself. Flagship Homes works hard to deliver a home buying experience that is always on a level equal to that of the home itself.  As a result, home buyers receive both a home and a home buying experience that exceeds expectations.

One of the keys to realizing those admittedly ambitious goals comes down to the way Flagship Homes employees are trained. Each one effectively becomes a customer advocate. In a real world practical application of “walk a mile in their shoes,” every Flagship Homes employee receives 120 hours of training annually to help them focus on the home buyer’s point of view and how to apply that perspective at every point of customer contact.  Even employee reviews are based upon how well that customer-centric philosophy is put into practice on a daily basis.   

That philosophy takes literal shape in the homes that Flagship designs and builds – they’re as customer-oriented as their people. Flagship knows what buyers want in a new home and so they make it a point to give their customers more than they thought they could afford with plans, features and amenities that add more value and make more of a home at the same time.  Even Flagship communities are customer-oriented – with New Home Centers, Design Boutiques, and Closings all on site.  It’s easier, more convenient and more efficient for everyone involved.  It’s also one more way that Flagship Homes America is a different kind of home builder.\

Flagship Homes has the perfect role model in Flagship Land Group. Helping to create major, master-planned communities throughout Florida, over the last 25 years they have worked with some of the nation’s finest builders to develop 5,000+ home sites, golf courses, and other community amenities. The business model for Flagship Homes America came directly from learning and adapting the very best ideas from that experience.  The end result is a way of doing business exemplified by honesty, integrity, dignity and respect on both sides of the bubble – for home buyer and builder alike.  We call it doing business on the level.